Developing PFAS Solutions for a Cleaner World.

Enviri’s Clean Earth division manages and treats PFAS today. We are currently researching and developing technology to build out a toolbox of additional innovative solutions to treat and remediate PFAS, rejecting the one-size-fits-all approach and recognizing that customers’ needs will vary based on risk profile and economic considerations. 

PFAS is one of the world’s most formidable environmental challenges and has a complex regulatory landscape; we navigate the regulatory procedures and risks so our customers don’t have to.

PFAS in our world
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The ReSolve Difference.

Clean Earth has over 30 years of expertise in cleaning up contaminated and hazardous materials. We bring the same level of experience to helping businesses and communities manage the risks of PFAS - both in water and soil.

As one of the countries leading waste solutions providers Clean Earth has a nationwide network of treatment facilities. Along with our in-house, state-of-the-art testing, we also have efficient, nationwide mobile treatment units, providing timely and cost-effective solutions to your PFAS needs, wherever you are.

Our toolbox of solutions.

With decades of experience treating contaminated water and soils, we are confident that Clean Earth’s ReSolve program will comprise the most sustainable and effective treatment options. We understand the difference between disposal and destruction; whenever possible, it is in the best interest of our customers and the environment to destroy. 

Our team of experts constantly works to gather accurate, technical data to prove our technologies, always mindful of agility and speed to resolve issues quickly and safely. Our toolbox consists of solutions we currently deploy, as well as those that we are testing for future use:

PFAS-Contaminated Water

PFAS activated carbon solution

Activated Carbon
Uses carbon which has adsorbent properties to adsorb PFAS.

PFAS foam fractionation solution

Foam Fractionation
Uses air to create bubbles in water to remove the PFAS as a foam concentrate.

PFAS supercritical water oxidation SCWO solution

Super Critical Water Oxidation
Uses temperature and water pressure to destroy PFAS.

PFAS-Contaminated soil

PFAS stabilization_solidification solution

Combines PFAS-contaminated soil with proprietary materials to absorb, stabilize and solidify.

PFAS thermal desorption solution

Thermal Desorption
Heats the soil in a rotating dryer to separate and remove the contaminant, followed by destruction in a thermal oxidization unit.

PFAS soil growing plant

Left unresolved, PFAS could harm our ecosystem.

ReSolve is at the forefront of efficiently treating PFAS-contaminated materials to help diminish the risk of PFAS on our environment. Ecosystems are interconnected, and Clean Earth’s approach to PFAS mirrors this interconnectedness.

Our PFAS offerings help nurture a sustainability culture and promote a thriving environment. Our commitment to sustainable solutions makes us a leader in our industry.

Clean Earth ReSolve team member

Solving a global issue together.

ReSolve is part of Clean Earth, a division of Enviri, and a collaborative effort to remediate PFAS. We share our experience and advance remediation efforts and actions by openly communicating with key stakeholders and companies.

While we are making great strides in minimizing PFAS contamination, we are always looking for partners with potential projects to work on to test and verify our new technologies before bringing them to the marketplace.

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Take the next step to resolving your PFAS challenges.